Appointment information


Yes. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to fill out any necessary patient forms.
Please bring the following items with you to your appointment:
  • Proof of address and ID
  • Your contact details (contact number and email address)
  • Your GP details
  • Proof of any exemptions if you are entitled to free NHS treatment
  • Any eyewear if needed
  • An up to date list of your current regular medications
It varies, but please plan on 1 to 1.5 hours for the first visit.
Some patients prefer to bring an English-speaking friend or family member to the appointment who is able to translate accurately. If this is not possible, please contact the reception prior to attending the appointment on 0116 276770 (Uppingham Road practice) or 0116 2470431 (Upperton Road practice) so that we are able to organise a translator. You must do this at least 48 hours prior to attending the appointment.
Please make sure that your bring any proof of exemption to the practice at every appointment. The reception team will be able to tell you if you are eligible for free NHS treatment.

If you do not bring proof of exemption but are sure that you meet the criteria for eligibility you will be asked to sign to say that you do receive free NHS dental treatment.

If you wrongly make a claim for a dental charge, you may be sent a penalty charge notice. You would have to pay the cost of the dental charge, plus a penalty charge of up to £100. You may also be prosecuted for an offence that can lead to a criminal record.

To find out if you are entitled to free dental care please click here. (link to NHS exemption information)
Due to the high demand for appointment slots, we ask patients to give the practice at least 48 hours notice for cancelling any appointments. New patients who miss or short notice cancel their initial consultation appointment will no longer be seen at the practice under the NHS. Existing patients who miss or short notice cancel an appointment two times within one year will no longer be seen at the practice under the NHS.

We do understand that unexpected situations can arise. If you have any queries please contact the practice on

For more information please see our policy on missed appointments and short notice cancellations. (link to policy on missed appointments)
You can either pay by cash or debit card.
NHS treatment: Any payments must be made on completion of the each visit.
Private treatment: We do offer 0% finance for private treatments above £250, please see our finance page.
If you do wish to pay for your treatment in full, all private treatment must be paid for at the completion of each visit. Treatments such as denture work will require deposits to be taken towards the treatment at each appointment.
Exemption from NHS treatment: if you are exempt from NHS charges proof must be shown.
It is our practice policy to take a deposit towards any private treatments prior to making the appointment. This includes private consultations, treatments and hygiene appointments. If you miss or short notice cancel a private appointment with less than 48 hours notice, MM Dental Care reserves the right to take the deposit and request a new deposit be taken for further appointments.
We provide our patients with complimentary email and text message reminders prior to their appointment. Please ensure you have updated your contact details if there are any changes. It is our patient’s responsibility to keep track of their appointments in order to avoid deregistration from the practice or incurring any missed appointment fees.
Many people feel a bit nervous at the thought of seeing the dentist, particularly a new dentist. Sometimes this fear or phobia is so severe it will stop people coming to see us unless they are in really severe pain. It could be you’ve had bad experiences as a child and the smells and sounds in the surgery bring those memories back, or your fear is very specific and you are really scared of a particular aspect of visiting the dentist. Whatever your problem is we can help!

When making your appointment, don’t hesitate to tell our reception team that you are feeling anxious. Their kind and sympathetic nature will put you at ease straight away. Here are just a few ways we try to make your dental journey as comfortable for you as possible:

  • We extend your appointment time so we spend longer talking to you about how we work, so you get to know the dentist and the nurse who will be working with you.
  • We use numbing cream to make any anaesthetic treatments painless. A few of our dental treatments do not need anaesthetic, as sometimes we don’t need to touch the drill.
  • You can stop us at any point during the treatment simply by raising your hand and we don’t mind how many times you stop us.
  • We don’t spend ages carrying out lots of treatment. We break it up depending on how much you feel you can cope with. If you’ve had enough that day, just tell us! We are always happy to rebook you on a different day to carry on.
  • We always try to make it so that you see the same dentist at every visit so you know what to expect when you visit. However all of our dentists are lovely.

Remember, it’s all about you!

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, you may be really worried about how much treatment you need. Book in for a consultation where all we do is have a quick look, maybe take a few x-rays and have a chat. All of our patients walk out smiling and wondering why they were so worried in the first place.

The hardest bit is picking up the phone and making an appointment!
We use x-rays to give us much more information about your teeth and mouth than we can see just by looking. It can show us decay in between the teeth or under old fillings, which if treated early is much easier and less expensive than waiting until the problem progresses. X-rays have a number of uses within dentistry, but most importantly they allow us to detect problems early rather than waiting for them to become visible in the mouth.

We usually take x-rays every 2 years as part of your regular check up or more regularly depending on your dental risk category.
The amount of radiation received from a dental x-ray is extremely small. Digital radiography means that we are able to instantly read the x-ray image (no more waiting for x-rays) as well as exposing our patients to a lower radiation dose. Radiation is present all around us all the time. You get about the same amount of radiation from having two dental X-rays as you do travelling on a flight to Spain. We take your safety and ours very seriously.
At MM Dental Care we pride ourselves on the standard of care that we provide. We know that most of our patients are delighted with our services, but sometimes despite our best efforts we do get it wrong. We do promise however that if you are not happy, we are not happy. This means that we will do whatever we can to put things right.

Any negative feedback gives us an opportunity to improve our services and also help us to restore your faith in us. If you feel that we could have done better, please tell us.

If you do wish to let us know about any issues you have encountered at either of our practices, please contact our Practice Manager, Sophie Baldwin on 0116 2767760. Alternatively you can email us

We take all complaints very seriously and aim to work quickly and efficiently to resolve them.

In the unlikely event we are unable to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction and you would like to progress it further, please speak to our practice manager who will provide you with written comprehensive information to help you to do this effectively.