Align – Brighten – Contour (ABC)

Align – Brighten – Contour (ABC)

A – Align – If your teeth are crooked, first we will need to align or straighten them. When teeth are not straight, it is not recommended to have veneers to mask the underlying crowding as they can require very aggressive drilling of the teeth.

Once teeth are straightened you may not even feel that you need veneers anymore! This will take longer to get the end result but is far better for the long term health of your teeth. Teeth can be straightened either with a fixed brace or with a removable brace such as Invisalign.

B – Brighten – A uniformly whitened smile goes a long way! Dentist prescribed home teeth whitening is incredibly safe with clinically proven long-term results, elevating your teeth to their brightest natural shade.

C – Contour – Contouring is to refine the shapes of your teeth either with composite resin or porcelain veneers to achieve symmetry, balance and perfection. Tooth coloured composite resin is carefully applied and sculpted to tooth edges to repair chipped and worn edges and can also be used to improve the shape of the teeth.

Remember that the A-B-C approach is tailored to you. Some patients already have straight teeth so they skip the ‘A’stage. Some patients like the colour of their teeth so they skip the ‘B’ stage. Others are happy after ‘A’ and ‘B’ so skip C. It’s all about what you want.

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