Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Here at MM Dental Care we believe in tailoring your care to suit your individual situation and needs. We always consider your dental health along with your desired results to plan the best treatment for you.

At MM Dental Care, we place emphasis on prevention and early intervention.

Dental decay:
One of the diseases we are determined to prevent is tooth decay (cavities). If we spot tooth decay (a cavity), we aim to prevent progression by removing the decayed part of the tooth and replacing it with a filling material. The choice of material is based largely on the size of the cavity, smaller cavities can be filled in a single visit with a white or silver coloured filling while larger cavities may require more advanced work (such as a crown) which protects the tooth from cracking in the future.

Missing tooth:
It can really knock your confidence if you are missing a tooth, as well as affect your ability to eat and speak. At MM Dental care we are able to provide you with the option of replacing your missing teeth. There are three options when it comes to replacing your missing teeth:

1. A Denture is a removable plate with false teeth attached to it. You can wear this when you are eating and speaking and take it out to clean it after eating and when sleeping. Dentures can be made in a few short appointments for you and are a great option for when you are missing multiple teeth! We provide both plastic and metal dentures depending on what suits you!

2. Bridges are an effective way to replace missing teeth. The benefit of bridgework is that they are fixed in place, and you don’t need to worry about taking them out and putting them in. There are many different types available, and one type may be better for you than another! Ask one of our Dentists at MM Dental Care if you’d like to hear more about your options.

3. A Dental Implant is also an option when it comes to replacing missing teeth. This involves placing a screw into the bone which holds a false tooth in place. Again a great option if you are looking for something fixed in place. Ask our team at MM Dental Care whether Dental Implants are a good option for you!

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